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Anonymous: Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, but where did you get the whiteout contacts for your Cronus cosplay? All the ones I've found don't cover the pupil, only the iris.

You’ll probably have more luck if you look for “mesh contacts” which are the kind with little dots over the eyes (so you can still see just a little bit). I’m pretty sure I got mine from youknowit.com.

Anonymous: Hello! First of all, your cosplays are fantastic! I especially like Cronus. I have a question about the arm socks though: They appear to be cut off at the wrist instead of covering your entire hand. How do you get them to stay in place without them bunching, riding up, or unraveling?

Thank you! They are indeed cut off at the wrist, but they don’t ride up that much for me actually. I kept them in place with the bracelet and watch I was wearing just in case, though. 

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I think she’s pretty proud of you, little guy.

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Spent way too long on these for how mediocre they came out. Whatever, GUILTY GEAR WHUKOW!

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so there was a cronus picture on the wall

Wait… where… how… what’s going on (why am I on a wall)

Anonymous: I've seen a lot of Gorillaz (I hope I spelled it right) stuff around the internet, and lately it has piqued my interest. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for which song/s I should look up? I hope it's not any trouble.

Oh man, you said the magic word.

I think most people’s intro song to Gorillaz is Feel Good Inc. (or Clint Eastwood), but if you’re one of those types who has a hard time getting into stuff with rap interludes maybe try Melancholy Hill or Dare? (One of my favourites is also Spitting Out The Demons but that might just be because I’m a weirdo idk.)

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Just got some photos by Milon Hall Photography from Anime Evolution! The light caught our wings so we look all magical wow.

(Eridan + Sollux)

Happy 4/13! Reblogging an old photoset because these are my favourite Homestuck cosplays to date.

Anonymous: Um, I don't know how to going about tell you this, but I roleplay on twitter, and there may be a person going around posting pics of you and Dei then saying that is her and her girlfriend. Do you roleplay or is there a problem here because you two are some of my favorite cosplayers, and I don't want someone stealing your cosplay pictures.

Oh man, that is definitely not us. We have twitters but they are private. I don’t really mind if people use my photos for roleplay but pretending to be us is kinda weird… Thanks for telling me, anon! 

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