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cryptobotanist: Could you possibly give tips on how to blend makeup for cosplay ? I've been using Kryolan Aquacolor in white for my PM and Fefeta cosplays and no matter what I do it turns out just awful like a two year old colored my face in with a crayon. I've been using the dabbing method instead of streaking as recommended, and I've tried using both brushes and cosmetic sponges. Help ? I dunno, you make-up just always looks so flawless in your cosplays.

Yeaaah, white Kryolan Aquacolor always looks like garbage. I tried it once for Rainbow Drinker Kanaya and no matter what I did it looked cakey and gross.

I’d recommend trying Wolfe FX for white! That’s what I used for Erisolsprite and it was A LOT cleaner and nicer looking. Still not perfect (white will probably never look 100% good unless you’re using an airbrush) but it’s a definite step up from Kryolan. 

You have to look around for it a bit (their official store only carries really small amounts of paint) but here’s one place to get it (when it’s in stock lol). 

I hope that helps! 

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(Thanks to kisbe for letting me use their cosplay as reference.)

It looks so cool!

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I lost track of this week’s daily sketches due to holidays, so here are these two to make up for it.

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Would anyone like to purchase this fine costume?

$200 shipped (within Canada and US*) Includes:

Wig (lace front, purple is ventilated in)

Horns (model magic, textured)

Cape (half circle, taffeta fully lined with cotton)

Scarf (hand knit)


Pants (men’s size 30 I believe, painted)

Shoes (painted)



*I included shipping because it weighs a ton so shipping is a lot; if you’re local to Vancouver, BC it’ll be considerably cheaper.

Send me a message off anonymous if you’re interested.

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